We all want to drink from the same Cup of Justice.. and it starts with learning about our legal system.

With tales from the newsroom and the courtroom, Mandy, Liz and Eric invite you to gain knowledge, insight, and tools to hold public agencies and officials accountable.

Spun off from Bonus Episodes of the Murdaugh Murders Podcast, this new fully produced conversational show dives deep into legal analysis – on a national scale. Our hosts personal backgrounds. Mandy, Liz and Eric unpack some big questions in an unscripted, educational and entertaining format.

From the newsroom to the courtroom, we’ve got you covered

Imagine Click & Clack from the critically acclaimed Car-Talk program at NPR, but with legal analysis and entertaining banter.

LunaShark Media creates newsworthy content across audio, video and membership platforms. We’ll answer questions from listeners with interactive engagement, and more.


MANDY MATNEY, Journalist

An award-winning journalist from Kansas who has worked for newspapers in Missouri, Illinois, and South Carolina, Mandy now lives on Hilton Head Island with her producer husband and Pup of Justice Luna where pursues mission-based investigative journalism.   Mandy Matney is an award-winning journalist whose first podcast, Murdaugh Murders screamed to the top of charts in 2021. 

LIZ FARRELL, Journalist

Liz has been shining light on corruption for more than 20 years as an award-winning journalist. She was named 2018’s top columnist in the state by South Carolina Press Association. Joining the Murdaugh Murders Podcast in late 2021, Liz’s quick wit and immense talents are holding justice systems to account as she dives deep into investigations and pulls out big wins for truth and journalism. 

ERIC BLAND, Attorney

Eric Bland, AKA The Jackhammer of Justice, fights tooth and nail for his clients with a passion for ensuring they are knowledgeable of every decision and how those decisions impact their cases and outcomes. He is recognized as a diplomat in the field of Legal Malpractice by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys and recorded a score in the top 2% of all attorneys.



With the expertise of Eric Bland, we empower listeners to understand their legal system in an entertaining format while providing tools to hold agencies and public figures accountable in order to give voice to victims and change those systems for the better.


Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell are two of the most driven and talented investigative journalists who are revolutionizing how news is derived and delivered.  Join them as they pull at threads and chase down leads to get the story straight.


We know that our justice systems are intimidating, but we will all encounter it at one point. Together, our hosts create the perfect trifecta of legal expertise, journalistic integrity and a fire lit to expose the truth wherever it leads. 


That our systems of justice are sacred, but not infallible.

Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Eric Bland gained significant notoriety in their coverage and pursuit of justice for victims in real time. Together with Executive Producer David Moses, their mission is to educate, inform, connect and empower our audience with firsthand reporting and firsthand legal knowledge.

Some Fine Print

*The views expressed on the Cup of Justice bonus episodes do not constitute legal advice. Listeners desiring legal advice for any particular legal matter are urged to consult an attorney of their choosing who can provide legal advice based upon a full understanding of the facts and circumstances of their claim. The views expressed on the Cup of Justice episodes also do not express the views or opinions of Bland Richter, LLP, or its attorneys.


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