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Luna Shark Premium is a membership community offering additional original content for True Sunlight, Murdaugh Murders Podcast and Cup of Justice fans and listeners powered by Supercast!

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Get Pesky with us

With your membership and support, our pesky members and journalists are able to dig deeper as we expose the truth wherever it leads. We’ll bring you the best coverage on the Murdaugh saga and other cases in our new show True Sunlight.


With a community of Premium members, we aim to achieve these goals:

  • Fund new researchers and journalists to help us bring more cases to light
  • Connect with victims and their families to help amplify messaging and voices
  • Educate and foster a community of sleuths
  • Broadcast trials and hearings LIVE on YouTube to our biggest supporters, Soak Up The Sun Premium Members!
  • Build a platform for independent journalists to curate local stories directed at global audiences


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supercast?

This is where you sign up for Luna Shark Premium. The login credentials for your Supercast account, will work for the members lounge, if you are a Soak Up the Sun member. You will also receive email notifications about premium events and news via Supercast.

What is the Members Lounge?

This is where Soak Up the Sun members will have access to all premium content! When prompted, use your Supercast login to gain access.

Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to find case files, news articles, premium videos and more!

Click here to sign into the Members Lounge!

What is Discord?

We utilize Discord to communicate with our members. This allows us to build community with our premium members through discussion of the podcasts, various cases and what’s going on in our lives!

In your welcome email, there will be a big blue button you’ll want to click to join our Discord sserver.

If you need help accessing Discord, please email [email protected].

Why can't I log into the Members Lounge?

We are actively working on a solution to why it is so difficult to access the Members Lounge. Until we find a permanemt solve, please try the following steps:

  1. In your browser settings (Safari, Chrome or your browser of choice) please clear the cache and history.
  2. While you are in your browser settings, check to make sure you “allow cross-site tracking”. (Note, this may mean turning off “prevent cross-site tracking” on your device.)
  3. Then go to and “accept all cookies” when prompted.
  4. You will then go to and “accept all cookies” when prompted.

If you are still having issues logging into the Members Lounge, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

What is the difference between a Soak Up the Sun and Pocketful of Sunshine membership?

Pocketful of Sunshine members receive ad-free and enhanced episodes, access to our Discord community and 1 recorded interview per month.

Soak Up the Sun is our highest membership. Members will receive all Pocketful of Sunshine and more! Such as live interviews, case files, premium videos and exclusive Blood On Their Hands content coming soon!

To see the details of each plan, please visit

Why can't I chat in the LIVE YouTube events?

You must be signed into a YouTube account to be able to respond and chat with the team and other members live.

Can the Luna Shark Premium Podcast feed connect to the podcast player of my choosing?

Yes! In your welcome email, you will be prompted on how to connect your Luna Shark Premium Podcast feed with Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other platforms. 

If you need assistance connecting your feed, please email [email protected]

How do I upgrade to a Soak Up the Sun membership?

Still have questions? Email us!


What does a membership include?

ASoak Up the Sun’ membership provides access to articles, documents and unlisted YouTube LIVE broadcasts where you can chat with Mandy and other contributors! ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ members will enjoy ad-free and enhanced episodes.

Pocketful of Sunshine

  • Enhanced and ad-free episodes of True Sunlight, Murdaugh Murders Podcast and Cup of Justice
  • MMP Transcripts
  • Access to 1 interview (with Q&A from y’all) with the core team per month
  • Access to Discord Community Page AKA group chats with our team leading the conversations
  • Ad-free email with updates on the cases and episode recaps

Soak up the Sun

  • Everything from “Pocketful of Sunshine” plus…
  • Access to Unlisted YouTube Live Trials and Hearings with the Luna Shark Teams
  • Early Access to MMP Episodes on Subscription RSS Feed
  • Early access to Ad-free video highlights of Murdaugh Murders Podcast, COJ and True Sunlight Episodes
  • Access to Premium Merchandise only available to this tier
  • Early access to video versions of Episodes
  • Access to a 2nd deeper dive interview with the core team and other contributors per month
  • Bonus Blog / Article content
  • Access to Discord Community Page with access to additional channels, live experiences and documents.


Kami Burns Snowbarger

#MMP Premium is fantastic! Thank you Mandy, Liz, Eric and the entire MMP team! appreciate everything you are doing for victims ❤️

Kaitlyn Coufal freeman

Highly highly recommend becoming a #SoakUpTheSun member! Chatting with EB, Mandy and Liz during the trial is way too fun & they’re very informative.


Wow…just WOW. Listened to everything live. Keep the great job up, so proud of you and your reporting! Thrilled to be a MMP Premium member! 🙌


New content uploads throughout the month

  • Enhanced versions of True Sunlight and Cup of Justice Podcasts
  • Ad-free and enhanced versions of Murdaugh Murders Podcast
  • Early Access to video episodes of True Sunlight and Cup of Justice podcast
  • Transcripts of episodes from all three shows
  • Articles from Mandy, Liz and Luna Shark contributors
  • Q&A’s with Mandy, David and other Luna Shark contributors
  • Access to our Discord community page to have safe discussions and more
  • Receive ad-free emails with updates on the cases and episode recaps
  • Access to Premium merchandise only available to Luna Shark Premium members



Weekend Update with EB – May 18, 2024

Weekend Update with EB – May 18, 2024

SUMMARY TRANSCRIPT Hey there, EB here. Good morning to our Premium members. A lot is going on this week for a trial junkie like me, not just because I'm a trial attorney and I am obviously interested in the cases that we are handling and some of my friends, but I love...


Why we need you

All of the investigative techniques we have at our disposal take time, effort and money. From funding researchers to paying court reporters for their transcripts, a membership helps us discover new documents and move the investigation forward. With every 1,000 new members, we are able to add a new researcher and/or journalist to our growing list of collaborators.