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38-year-old Sara Lynn Moore Colucci was found dead outside of her Summerville, South Carolina jewelry business in 2015.

The state believes that Michael killed his wife Sara Lynn, while Michael’s defense team argues it was suicide or an accident involving an industrial hose found at the scene.



Michael Colucci was charged with the murder of his wife, Sara Lynn Colucci. In 2018, the trial ended with a hung jury. 

Michael has had the privilege of preferential bond conditions for the last 9 years after being charged with the murder of his wife.  


Joel Kozak is the South Carolina Assistant Attorney General assigned to the case.  While he supported Megan Burchstead in the first 2018 trial, he is now taking the lead alongside prosecutor Kinlee Abee.




Shortly after his arrest in early May 2016, Michael Colucci hired Charleston attorney Andy Savage.

In order to defend his client, Andy Savage got creative with illustrating his points during the first trial. While he’s filed motions to mitigate that he broke a chain in evidence during the trial, his antics are certainly well known.

Savage will continue to represent Michael Colucci in the retrial.

New to the case or need a quick refresher? Charleston-area jeweler Michael Colucci will again face a jury charged with determining whether or not he killed his wife Sara Lynn Colucci beyond a reasonable doubt.


There are a lot of details to keep track of in the Colucci case. The Luna Shark Team outlined the events and created graphics that mimic the texts exchanged between Sara Lynn and Michael to help you visualize details of the case.

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While we do not have potential witness lists for Michael Colucci’s retrial yet, we have the list of potential witnesses that the State prepared to testify in the 2018 trial.

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