Hakeem Pinckney was an inspiration. He spent his whole life overcoming the odds. 
His hearing started deteriorating at a young age, but he never complained. In fact, he won a national championship in football when he was a senior at the SC School for the Deaf and Blind. 
But when he was 19, he was in a horrific crash with three other family members that forever changed his life. For Hakeem, the injuries would leave him a quadriplegic dependent on a ventilator. In 2010, Alex Murdaugh, Corey Fleming and Palmetto State Bank’s CEO Russell Lafitte began representing passengers of the vehicle accident, including Hakeem who was paralyzed but aware.
But he persevered. His mother Pamela told us that he was improving before he died suddenly in 2011. 
10 years later, Pamela learns that Murdaugh allegedly stole insurance money from the Pinckney family after the accident, and again from Hakeem’s wrongful death settlement against his care facility after his ventilator was mysteriously “unplugged”.
In this episode, you’ll hear the powerful voice of Hakeem’s mother Pamela, from his former teacher, and from Justin Bamberg, who now represents at least 8 of the alleged victims of Alex Murdaugh. Justin’s sights are set on justice, while Pamela just wants to know what happened to her son – something she never received from the first set of settlements.

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