After Friday’s indictments, Alex Murdaugh now stands accused of stealing at least $8.4 million and faces 74 charges.
If the latest indictments told us anything, it’s that Alex did not do this alone – but how many people will go down for this?
And how bad will this get?
In this episode, Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell walk you through every detail of Alex’s newest indictments that appear to hint others are involved and may face indictments of their own soon.
Attorney Justin Bamberg, who is representing at least 8 clients in this case, joins us in this episode. Justin explains how deep loyalty is in a place like Hampton, South Carolina — and how betrayed the people there feel as they reckon with the truth behind two of their most lofty businesses.

** In the last episode, it was said that Russell Laffitte was the former president of Palmetto State Bank. He is the former CEO.

This episode was written by Liz Farrell.

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