So today we want to take you back to the story that was the beginning of the end for the Murdaugh family’s 100-year dynasty and the fall of the Good ‘Ole Boys in South Carolina— the boat crash that Killed Mallory Beach.

This case is ground zero for everything we talk about in this podcast. Without this case, the Murdaughs’ grip on the Lowcountry might never have loosened.

The Beach case — which started as a fairly straightforward wrongful death claim — has become incredibly complex. Because of its intricacies it can become lost in the headlines to a degree.

The good news? A heroine has emerged in this complicated and tragic case. And she won her first round up against the Good ‘Ole Boys. Mandy, Liz and David comb through every detail and development in the boat crash case — which has been full of shocking twists and turns. 

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