Only one person alive knows what really happened to Gloria Satterfield the day she was found bleeding from the head at Moselle in February 2018. And we all know who that is…
Murdaugh Murders Podcast co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell unwind the latest filing from Alex Murdaugh’s attorneys in which the convicted murderer now admits to lying about how Gloria Satterfield died. Also on the show: the boat crash case starts heating up and Dick and Jim beg the court for money. 

On Tuesday May 9, Sandy Smith and I will be speaking among several special guests at the Victims Matter Rally at the Statehouse in Columbia South Carolina. As we have talked about time and time again on this podcast, our justice system so often prioritizes the privileged and fails victims of violent crime. And too many of our lawmakers are working for the bad guys.
As we are working on expanding our reach to focus on cases across the nation and maybe eventually the world where Crime Meets Corruption — we want to ensure that the pressure continues right here at home in South Carolina.
We hope to see you at the SC Statehouse on Tuesday… and let’s get into it…

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