Happy New Year Y’all!!

As you may have learned on the last episode from season two of True Sunlight, 2023 was a roller coaster of ups and downs, confronting evil, and rallying action where change is desperately needed.

Eric, Liz and Mandy took this week off from COJ to enjoy time with those that matter most to us so today’s show will be a little different. Today, on this first episode of the second season, we’ll be sharing Mandy’s conversations with two amazing women… Attorney Emily D. Baker and Crime Analyst Laura Richards.

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Emily D. Baker is a legal genius and host of a powerful YouTube Channel with almost a million subscribers. Emily is an attorney who covers everything from Johnny Depp, to Murdaugh and beyond.

Learn more about Emily here:

And near the 30 minute mark, we’ll share Mandy’s thought provoking interview with Laura Richards, who hosts the magnificent podcast, Crime Analyst. Laura is an award winning criminal behavioral analyst, formerly of New Scotland Yard and an international expert on domestic abuse, coercive control, stalking, sexual violence homicide and risk assessment.

Learn more about Laura here:

Stay tuned for more episodes like this with EB and Liz getting the scoop on everything under the sun. And don’t miss an explosive episode of True Sunlight this Thursday.
All that being said, let’s get into it. 

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