Happy Monday, y’all!

We have always talked about the Murdaugh case in terms of “Monsters” being around every corner — meaning, that back when Liz and Mandy started reporting this case in 2019, it seemed like every new bit of information led to a monster. Another rabbit hole to go down.

This week we were reminded that those monsters don’t just exist in the Murdaugh world.

This week, we couldn’t wait to talk about the Jeroid Price case. 

Price — a convicted murderer and alleged “godfather” of the SC bloods who was just starting year 20 of his 35-year sentence — hired a high-powered legislator-lawyer who was somehow able to broker a secret deal with a solicitor and a retiring judge that allowed for his early release.

And it seems like they told no one about this … not the Department of Corrections, not law enforcement and, most importantly, not the victims, the family of Carl Smalls Jr. who was killed by Price in 2002. 

Of course, right after we put our Cups Down on Thursday, more breaking news happened so this episode is a little longer than normal with an extra 30 minutes starting around the 52 minute mark. 

Let’s get into it …

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