Even from prison, convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh manages to further traumatize his victims. This time it’s the Satterfield family. On today’s episode of Cup of Justice we talk about one of the most upsetting things to have happened since Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in March.

Murdaugh Murders Podcast co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell — and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland — discuss Murdaugh’s admission that he lied about how Gloria Satterfield died and what that means, and what it DOESN’T mean, for the case. They also delve into male egotism, prison romance and why Jim Griffin and Dick Harpootlian might still be slumming it.

Last week, Alex filed a response to the federal case that was filed against him by one of the two insurance companies in the settlement that was supposed to go to the Satterfield family — which totalled $4.3 million.

In that filing he admitted to lying about the dogs tripping Gloria. The fallout from that was the suggestion that the Satterfield family might have to pay back the money they received as a result of Alex’s admitted legal malpractice and the alleged legal malpractice of the family’s attorney at the time, Alex’s best friend Cory Fleming.

In other words, the solution to Alex’s admitted crime — in his and his supporters’ eyes — is for Nautilus to go after the family who was swindled by him.

Because our co-host Eric Bland and his partner Ronnie Richter are the ones who helped the Satterfield family be made whole, you better believe Eric was fired up in this episode.

There’s always something to talk about with him … let’s get into it!

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