We think it’s safe to say that we’re officially back in Crazy Town, where Alex Murdaugh is the mad king and every day is spent having to talk about his nonsense.
These past two weeks, it’s been one thing after the other with him and his team of esquires. 
But, this time feels a little different.
On today’s episode we break down Dick Harpootlian’s and Jim Griffin’s latest strategy — a motion for a new trial, which they’re basing on juror allegations that Colleton County Clerk of Court Becky Hill tampered with the jury that found Alex guilty of murdering Maggie and Paul.
We cover a lot of ground in this episode — including what a clerk of court does, what the accusations against Becky look like and whether we think this might be the one time Dick and Jim see a win.
For premium members, we’ve included a conversation about what it was like working with Becky Hill during the murder trial last winter and our observations about her behavior.
If the allegations prove to be true, then their should be consequences for Becky. If the allegations don’t prove to be truer, then there BETTER be consequences for Dick and Jim because enough is enough. 

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