Well, things keep getting crazier and crazier in the ‘Land of No Consequences’.
Co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Eric Bland discuss what happened at Alex Murdaugh’s federal plea hearing and how it’s just one step in a much larger plan. Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin seem to have one goal right now and that’s to get Alex moved to federal prison. There’s one person standing in their way: Judge Clifton Newman. On today’s episode we get into Alex’s federal plea hearing and how it’s just one step in his overall goal, which is likely to serve out his time in federal prison.

Also on the show, we talk about how Cory Fleming is not as sorry as he seemed. Not only is Alex Murdaugh up to his usual trickery, but Cory Fleming — the man who has twice gone in front of a judge to cry about how remorseful he is and how undeserving he is of mercy — is already trying to get out of his state sentence.

Anyway, we’re dedicating today’s episode to listener Trista from Mount Pleasant aka @tristathebarista on Instagram. Thank you so much, Trista, for spreading so much sunshine! The world needs more people as sweet and kind as you are.

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