Thank you all for supporting us and we’re so excited to present this 50th episode of Cup of Justice!!!

True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and everyone’s favorite attoryney Eric Bland — discuss Grand Jury leaks in the Stephan Smith case and what they might mean. Also on the show, the U.S. Attorney’s Office hits back at Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin’s dastardly plan surrounding Alex Murdaugh’s assets; and “Where in the world is Cory Fleming?” becomes “What could Cory’s mysterious absence mean for law enforcement?”

On last week’s episode of the True Sunlight Podcast we told you about how Alex Murdaugh’s best friend and criminal co-conspirator Cory Fleming seemed to be missing for almost two weeks. Shortly after we published that episode, the Bureau of Prisons updated its online database to show that Cory was imprisoned in Atlanta.

Lot’s to look forward to, but for now… Let’s get into it ….

Click here for Sandy’s announcement of the Stephen Nicholas Smith Scholarship Fund:

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