Co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Eric Bland — discuss the latest drama in the World of Alex Murdaugh. On today’s episode, the team corrects some of the headlines out there on whether Alex is getting a new trial. Plus how many losses have Dick Harpootlian and Alex Murdaugh racked up so far? Eric is keeping count!

Also despite telling a federal judge that they don’t plan to charge Alex a fee, Jim Griffin asks for more time to appeal a state judge’s decision denying

their request for more of Alex’s money … to pay their fee.
We are STILL celebrating Judge Gergel’s beatdown of Alex Murdaugh last Tuesday. It was THAT good.

Also on today’s episode we talk about Alex’s upcoming trial on the Satterfield crimes … CRIMES HE HAS ALREADY ADMITTED TO in Federal Court.

Premium Members are getting some conversations about attorney’s fees, some good deeds from Taylor Swift and we’ll give some additional thoughts on the Lifetime and Tubi Murdaugh movies because HOW CAN WE NOT? 

Let’s get into it…

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