Happy Tuesday, y’all!
We just got back from an amazing evening speaking with fans and students at the University of South Carolina. We’re exhausted and our social battery is running low, but we are so thankful that the School of Information and Communication presented this event. Congrats on your first 100 years!
It was a packed room at the USC Joseph Rice Law School / Karen William’s auditorium and the vibe was perfect.  EB made a special appearance and Liz was in the Premium broadcast chat with our Luna Shark Premium members. 
We talked about the cases, sources, victims our mission and so much more.  Thank you to Nina Brook for moderating, Randy, Tom, and everyone involved in organizing this fantastic event. 
We covered the release of Mandy’s book (which launches today) and themes including Mandy and Liz’s experiences with sexism in the workplace. 
On that note, we’re going to start today’s show off talking about what that looked like from Mandy and Liz’s perspective in the newsroom and why sexism doesn’t always play out the way you might expect it to. We think it’s so important to give voice to this stuff not only because it feels good to vent about it with y’all but because sometimes we think even our best allies don’t always know what it looks like when it’s happening.
We also dive in deep with the state’s response last week to Team Murdaugh’s motion for a new trial and what we think will happen next. We especially get vocal about how Dick and Jim’s jury-tampering accusations are even more hollow than we thought they were.
In addition to that, our premium listeners will get to hear our conversation about how Dick and Jim have misled the media and seem to be willfully misleading the court by leaving out the context … and what can be done about that.
And last, but certainly not least, we’re going to drop a special COJ bonus on Wednesday featuring the hilarious and talented Kathleen Madigan. We’ll have part of the recording, and Kathleen is dropping other segments on Madigan’s Pubcast so be sure to check her show out on the 15th.

Click here to listen: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/madigans-pubcast/id1527111125

On the horizon, we hope that you consider attending:

Book signing on launch day at Barnes & Noble Hilton Head on Nov 14th

Or our special Premium Members only event in Bluffton, SC on Nov 16th.

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