Today’s show is fiery, y’all.
Liz, Eric and Mandy are usually in agreement when it comes to Team Murdaugh and interpreting the winners and losers in their strategies. But not this time.
The biggest question on our minds after Alex Murdaugh’s decision last week to plead guilty to his financial crimes was this: IS. THIS. JUSTICE?
Once again — someone with means and influence can — for all practical purchases — still buy his way out of the worst trouble.
This plea deal — at its core — buys Alex more time and gives him more space to work on getting out of his other charges — the roadside shooting and drug trafficking charges. 
It’s a big deal and could open up a whole new door for Alex… 

Just for Premium Members, we’ll chat about what we think Team Murdaugh’s next move might be and what the state might do to counter it. 
For now, though, we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my closest friends and family. Thank you so much to ALL OF YOU for listening. Liz, Eric and Mandy are really grateful to be able to have these conversations with you each week.
And we are also so thankful for Eric Alan because we are getting back to his riveting mountain mystery this week on True Sunlight.  Go back to True Sunlight episode 15 for a refresher as we’re playing Episode 2 this Thursday. 

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