Things feel a little out of control right now. It feels like the good guys are getting punched over and over again by Team Murdaugh and their agents … ie… the people who have willingly taken up their cause and are spreading their lies and their twisted facts. 
Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what’s on social media, though. It matters what happens in the courtroom.
On today’s show we discuss the campaign to tear down Becky Hill’s credibility and what it might mean to Alex Murdaugh’s chances at getting a new trial. We also talk about the different types of defamation that exist and what South Carolina’s oath of civility means in terms of how lawyers are expected to conduct themselves in and out of the courtroom.
One thing we’re discovering behind the scenes is that just about every aspect of what’s happening to Becky is tied to a Murdaugh associate in some way — either directly or indirectly.
This surprises us zero, obviously.  And we’ll talk about the why’s in this episode. 

Let’s get into it…





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