Cup of Justice co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Eric Bland have been vindicated … once again. After four long months of screaming from the rooftops that Team Murdaugh did not have evidence of jury tampering, COJ finally gets to close the lid on that debate: There will be no new trial for murderer Alex Murdaugh.

Well… we finally made it to the conclusion of a very long and very drawn out test of our justice system… all for the benefit of a double murderer and his spotlight seeking defense team. 

Today, January 29, 2024, Justice Jean Toal denied Alex Murdaugh’s motion for a new trial — and THAT IS A BIG DEAL. 

While we didn’t see fireworks or smoking guns… we did see Justice Jean Toal keep the peace by allowing a lot of unexpected testimony as attorneys from the State and for the defense vied to show Justice Toal that justice and the law was on their side. 

Justice Toal made clear that this hearing would not be to put Becky Hill on trial.   Eric, Liz and Mandy talk about how justice Toal separated the juror issue at hand from Becky’s questionable decisions and even more questionable testimony. 

Justice Toal ultimately determined that Alex Murdaugh would remain a convicted double murderer and quashed his quest to get a new trial based on jury tampering by clerk of court becky Hill.  

In other news, I am excited to go back to Columbia South Carolina as we celebrate justice at the Capital City Club Columbia, SC to bring a special evening event you won’t want to miss!!

Yours truly will be joined by Attorney and Legal Director of the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network, Sarah A. Ford, for an evening reception and examination of state government, true crime and media and of course the conclusion of this very long saga. 

This Exclusive In-Person Event is restricted to Invited Clubs Members and Luna Shark Premium Members Only – RSVP Today By Clicking the following link or visit to learn more.

We’ll also break down all the ins and outs of the testimony and strategy on True Sunlight this Thursday…

But for now… lets get into it…

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