Today, you’ll hear from two inspiring women from different parts of the justice system: Attorney and Legal Director for the South Carolina Victims Assistance Network Sarah Ford and Private Investigator Mackenzie Fultz aka Freedom Barbie on TikTok and Instagram. Sarah Ford met Mandy Matney as an attorney for victims in the Bowen Turner case. In this episode, you’ll hear them talk about all parts of the SC justice system and how to make it better from victims. You’ll hear from Mackenzie Fultz of the Dating Detectives Podcast talk about what it takes to become a Private Investigator and why more women should pursue careers in criminal justice systems.

Learn more about Sarah and SCVAN at  Sarah also has an awesome podcast called Stepping Toward Justice which you can listen to wherever you get your pods. Mandy will join Sarah at the 2024 Victims Matter Rally in Columbia, SC on March 21st. 

And near the 30 minute mark, we’ll share Mandy’s lively interview with Mackenzie Fultz. Host of The Dating Detectives Podcast, Mackenzie is a former Private Investigator that leads followers on entertaining journeys through the twists and turns of her investigations. 
Learn more about Mackenzie here: 

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