On this highly anticipated episode of COJ, Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell interview Emmy Award-winning television host, executive producer of her acclaimed and syndicated talk show, veteran Journalist and Bestselling Author, Tamron Hall about her first Jordan Manning book ‘As The Wicked Watch’ and her new book in the series releasing March 12 “Watch Where They Hide”.
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To begin, Mandy and Liz reflect on the anniversary of Alex Murdaugh’s murder conviction and the implications as we return our focus back to Stephen Smith’s case. Premium Members will get a deeper dive into Liz and Mandy’s reflections with Alex’s conviction in the rear view mirror. 
Then Liz, Mandy and Tamron, three amazing journalists, discuss the problems with modern news reporting, what it’s like to cover true crime and Hall’s upcoming book “Watch Where They Hide.”
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