Cup of Justice creator Mandy Matney welcomes filmmaker Erin Lee Carr to discuss high-profile cases involving suicide, online harassment, and domestic violence. They share personal experiences and insights into the legal and ethical questions surrounding these issues, emphasizing the importance of empathy and accountability. They also debate the shortcomings of the system in addressing these problems and the need for a comprehensive approach. Throughout the conversation, they highlight the psychological toll of working in true crime and the importance of ethics and empathy in documentary filmmaking.

Erin is amazingly brilliant and Mandy was a fan of Erin long before their worlds collided on the Murdaugh story in 2021. You may have heard of a deadline story about a project they are working on bringing to life… Erin has been a bright light in a dark world of true crime — an example of someone who can do good in the true crime world and succeed while sticking to their own ethics and values. Erin is also the author of a fabulous book: All that you leave behind: A Memoir… Click here to learn more.

Like Liz and Mandy, Erin gravitates toward complicated true crime stories and tells them in a way that is truthful, victim-focused, and thought-provoking. In fact, Erin created and directed of Mandy’s favorite documentaries of all time — Mommy Dead And Dearest and I Love You Now Die. Both stories were complex and the documentaries taught me to approach storytelling differently.

In today’s episode, Erin Lee Carr and Mandy Matney chat about the Michelle Carter and Gypsy Rose cases as they relates to the latest case we’ve been working on for True Sunlight – The Mica Miller Case.

Reserved just for Luna Shark Premium Members, we also talk about what kinds of professionals ELC likes to work with and what we’d do for a living if we weren’t so entrenched in our current fields.

Let’s get into it.

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