True Sunlight Podcast co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland all agree that Alex Murdaugh has extremely low chances of getting a new trial after Justice Toal essentially took Dick and Jim’s wide scope of allegations related to potential jury tampering and tore 95 percent of them to shreds. 

While Dick and Jim convinced the media — and frankly, way too many other people — that this hearing will come down to Becky’s credibility, Justice Toal said… Oh wait!! No it wont!
Essentially, Judge Toal ruled that “prejudice must be proven and not presumed” — meaning she does not care about Becky’s problems, she cares about what was said to the JURORS WHO RENDERED A VERDICT. 

This was extremely validating for all of us because we have felt we’ve been on this lonely gaslit island for months now being pretty much the only members of the media to say there needs to be a separation between Becky’s ethical issues and evidence of jury tampering….
So yes, ‘Toal ya so’… 

Let’s get into it….

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