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Sheriff William Jones Charged With Murder: Louisiana, MO 

What began as an investigation into the overdose death of 24-year-old Gabriel Thone prompted criminal charges against Sheriff William (Willie) Jones to include second degree murder as a result of stealing and distributing controlled substances, allegedly

As a refresher, Gabriel, 24, and his brother Chase, 21, were at Jones’ house with their sister Alexis, 25, who was dating Sheriff Jones. Chase was treated with narcan and survived, however Gabriel was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jones currently faces the following charges:

  • second-degree murder
  • Trafficking drugs
  • tampering with evidence
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Stealing a controlled substance 

Alexis was also charged with the following:

  • second-degree murder
  • Trafficking drugs
  • Possession of a controlled substance

Jones is also accused of obtaining methamphetamines from the Louisiana State Police evidence room.

Following a continuance hearing in May, Jones’ jury trial is now scheduled for Nov. 18, 2024. He  is due back in court on August 7, 2024 for a disposition hearing. 

Jones is represented by Christopher Lozano, a defense attorney from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri. 

Alexis is due back in court on July 16, 2024 for a case review. 

Karen Read Trial: Canton, MA 

The murder trial against Karen Read is coming up on week five, and many are still unclear what the jury will decide.

Read is accused of hitting her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, with her car after a night of drinking and leaving him to die outside. You can read an in depth look about the case here

Read is charged with the following:

  • Felony Murder (previously second degree murder)
  • Motor vehicle manslaughter while driving under the influence
  • Leaving the scene of a collision causing injury or death. 

So far, jurors have heard from over 50 prosecution witnesses, including members of O’Keefe’s family, first responders, and individuals who were present at the Albert residence on Jan. 29.

You can learn more about the allegations against Read in Cup of Justice #75 with Brandi Churchwell who is closely following the trial. To learn more about other interested parties, stay tuned for EB’s Weekend Update next week or click here.

There are currently 14 individuals and entities listed on the murder case according to court records. The parties are:

  • Karen Read, Defendant
  • Movants (multiple), Defendant
  • Norfolk County District Attorney, Prosecutor
  • Michael Proctor, Other Interested Party
  • Elizabeth Proctor, Other Interested Party
  • Brian Albert, Other Interested Party
  • Kevin Albert, Other Interested Party
  • Jennifer McCabe, Other Interested Party
  • American Civil Liberties Union of MA, Other Interested Party
  • Boston Globe Media Partners (listed as two parties), Other Interested Party
  • Yuri Bukhenik, Other Interested Party
  • Boston Magazine, Metro Corp, Other Interested Party
  • Gretchen Voss, Other Interested Party

Many supporters of Read have pointed out that it is odd for the lead investigator and his wife to be listed as “interested parties” in the case. 

You can watch trial coverage on Court TV with Vinnie Politan who appears on COJ 76 and Julie Grant who appears on COJ 81.

Marion Newspaper Raids:  Marion, KS 

On May 28, former Vice Mayor of Marion Kansas and Councilwoman Ruth Herbel filed a federal lawsuit with the Institute of Justice against city officials over an “illegal” raid of her home.  Learn more here. 

This is just the newest lawsuit against Marion officials, with investigators already reviewing over 10,000 pages in lawsuits from individuals affiliated with the Marion County Record and the raid in August 2023.  

This includes a federal lawsuit filed by a reporter in early February seeking nearly $1 in damages from city officials, the AP reported. In April, a former reporter met with mediators to discuss a separate lawsuit, according to the AP

The following defendants were listed in Ruth’s federal lawsuit:

  • Former Marion Mayor David Mayfield
  • Former Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody
  • Acting Marion Police chief Zach Hudlin
  • Marion County Sheriff Jeff Soyez
  • Marion County Sheriff’s Detective Aaron Christner
  • Marion County Sheriff’s Detective Steve Janzen
  • Marion Mayor Michael Powers
  • Marion Board of County Commissioners

“The warrant the police used to barge into Ruth’s home and take her only telephone and computer clearly did not satisfy any of the Fourth Amendment’s requirements,” Institute for Justice Attorney Jared McClain said in a press release. “Government officials cannot enlist law enforcement to silence their critics.”

Ruth’s recent lawsuit seeks damages to her and her husband following the illegal search of their home. The 88-page filing states both Ruth and her husband suffered harm following a “malicious, abusive, and retaliatory” investigation.  

Throughout the lawsuit, Ruth’s attorney refers to city officials as “conspirators,” stating that they searched her home, “because they wanted to ensure she could never criticize them again.”

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