Well, y’all, this was a BIG week.

Right after our last Cup of Justice episode was published, Eric’s law firm Bland Richter announced they will be representing Sandy Smith in her mission to finally get answers about Stephen’s death.

Within a day of announcing this partnership, SLED chief Mark Keel called Eric and told him that his agency believes that Stephen was NOT hit by a car but rather was murdered and that SLED is devoting more resources to finding out who killed Stephen.

I cannot express how emotional and bittersweet it has been this past week. I’m so happy for Sandy, Stephanie, the Smith family and everyone who knew and loved Stephen in that they finally have a fighting chance at getting some answers.

But this took FAR TOO LONG. No family should have to work this hard to get law enforcement to acknowledge the truth about how their loved one died.
Now that we’re here, though, we’re ready to see some much-deserved JUSTICE for Stephen Smith.

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