True Sunlight co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell— and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland — talk about the latest fraud in the Lowcountry, what Al Capone has to do with the Murdaugh case and the very big punch Eric and his law partner are planning to lob back at Alex Murdaugh’s attorneys, Dick Harpootlian and JIm Griffin.

On today’s episode, we started out by talking about a Beaufort woman who allegedly used Sandy Smith and her efforts to get answers about Stephen’s death as a way to defraud people out of money. It’s a really bizarre story but one that unfortunately has become familiar to us in the past two years with people attaching themselves to the Murdaugh case in self-serving ways. But also it reminded us of Alex Murdaugh himself. This woman was able to leverage her power and position in the community as a way to allegedly steal money that was meant to go to people in need or toward causes like Sandy’s. Liz and Mandy’s former co-workers Delayna Earley and Mike McCombs investigated this case. You can read more about it on The Island News’ website.

Liz, Eric and Mandy tackle a number of topics today, including our continued concern over the federal government’s role in the Murdaugh case and whether it’s just a way to contain and manage any investigations into whatever it is that Alex and his co-conspirators were into in the Lowcountry.

Also, Eric shared a bit a news about what he and his law partner plan to do next in their battle with Dick and Jim.

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