In today’s episode, True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell— and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland talk about Judge Carmen Mullen’s misguided recognition from the Innocence Project, whether inmate calls should be released to the public, misinformation in the Stephen Smith case and the latest updates in the investigation into his death.

Eric, Liz and Mandy also talk about the issue of inmate privacy and whether releasing inmate calls represent an infringement of people’s rights and how it applies to a horrific case involving a fatal DUI in the Charleston, South Carolina area that left a bride dead and severely injured a groom. The couple was driving away from the happiest day in their lives when a 25-year-old woman, whose BAC was allegedly almost three times the legal limit, plowed into their golf cart.

Later on in the show we dispel some misinformation that’s being reported in the Stephen Smith case and clarify what’s really going on there.

Eric gives us some advice on how to avoid getting overcharged by your attorney. While Liz and I share some tips to get your case championed by reporters to get some well-needed sunshine…

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