True Sunlight Podcast co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland — unpack Alex Murdaugh’s psychotic and bizarre performance at last week’s sentencing hearing for his financial crimes. Alex’s 50-minute statement to the court was a reminder of how this dangerous man was able to leverage his family’s power to steal from so many for so long. Also on the show, what it’s going to take to break down and rebuild South Carolina’s highly corrupt judicial system once and for all.

And thank you to all the amazing fans who came out to The Co-Op Hillsboro Village in Nashville on Sunday. We had a blast – big shout out to Mandy the dog and her parents.

Even after almost five years of covering this man, we still find ourselves with jaws on the floor constantly learning that even when we think we’ve seen the worst of this murdering thief, he’s always ready to show us that he’s just getting started. Last week was also a difficult one for the South Carolina justice system. Not only did we have to deal with Alex’s sick 50-minute performance at the hearing, we learned that the Judicial Merit Selection Commission NOMINATED David Miller … the 2nd circuit assistant solicitor who made his name helping lawyer-legislators like Rep. Todd Rutherford and Sen. Brad Hutto strike dangerous and practically off-books deals for their clients.

Like we say in today’s episode, we are at war and it’s time put sunlight on the JMSC the likes of which they’ve never seen before.

Let’s get into it….

On this episode, Luna Shark Premium Members get a couple super exclusive tidbits from EB about what Dick and Jim did immediately after the sentencing and a scoop about what’s next for Judge Newman.

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