Cup of Justice co-hosts Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell and Eric Bland have been vindicated … once again. After four long months of screaming from the rooftops that Team Murdaugh did not have evidence of jury tampering, COJ finally gets to close the lid on that debate: There will be no new trial for murderer Alex Murdaugh.

In a tumultuous hearing that lasted all day, Justice Jean Toal — who, like her colleague Judge Clifton Newman, gives us hope — ruled that while Colleton County Clerk of Court Becky Hill may have been foolish, fame-seeking and not entirely credible, she did not tamper with the jury for her book sales. On today’s show Mandy, Liz and Eric discuss what went down in Richland County Courthouse on Monday and what comes next now that they have their answer.

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