Our mission is to get Stephen Smith’s case to a place of solvability, but day to day, our goals are much smaller and much more focused on the tiniest of details. As Eric puts it, Liz and Mandy are pulling at the edges of this case in the hopes of finding more dots that can be connected by law enforcement. And so far it’s working. So far we’re finding new details and when you don’t have answers, every detail matters.

That’s why it’s so important that law enforcement continues to throw every resource they can at Stephen’s case right now. Yes, there are a ton of other cases out that deserve the attention of SLED and the AG’s office, but Stephen’s case is not only about finding out who killed him … it’s about a system that needs to redeem itself… for the victims and to the public.

Also on the show today, we talk about a decision by the Connecticut Supreme Court that is long overdue. The decision sets a new standard for the release of police records — specifically the case files from crimes that are technically still open because they haven’t been solved. As Eric says, it was a good day for justice.
We also discuss a new case the LunaShark team is taking on — the Sara-Lynn Colucci case. Sara-Lynn was found dead outside the Charleston-area jewelry store she owned with her husband in 2015.

Let’s get into it…

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