Right after we got back from Alex’s federal sentencing, Cup of Justice co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell broke down observations from the courtroom. Our intrepid journalists discuss the ins and outs of the 40-year federal sentence handed down to murderer Alex Murdaugh for his financial crimes. Why is the Court allowing Alex to NOT pay fines? How is it that such a big portion of his $8 million restitution is going to his former law partners? And does Alex really believe he’s being treated unfairly?

Also on today’s show we spoke with our friend Brandi Churchwell, creator and host of the 13th Juror Podcast. We met Brandi during Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial when she created what would become the first of her thorough and majorly helpful Churchwell Charts. During the trial, she collected all the facts about the night Alex killed Maggie and Paul and organized them into an amazing spreadsheet, showing that the defense’s claims about Alex’s whereabouts and actions didn’t add up when compared to what the GPS and phone data were telling us.

Since the trial, Brandi has taken that skill and talent and used it to help bring sanity and clarity to other cases. Today we talked to her about the Karen Read case in Massachusetts — a case that Liz and Mandy basically knew nothing about before this interview. After talking to Brandi we can now totally see why people have been so interested. We also talked to Brandi about what life in the true crime podcasting world has been like for her and how she’s dealt with the onslaught of attention. Premium Members will get to hear our full discussion on that.

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