Cup of Justice co-hosts Mandy Matney and Luna Shark Producer David Moses are joined by attorney and prosecutor Mandy Powers Norrell to discuss the complexities of prosecuting the first Colucci trial and her own experiences prosecuting domestic violence cases.

On this 78th special episode of Cup of Justice, we discussed effective trial strategies for prosecutors and defense lawyers, with a focus on repetition and cohesive narratives.

The former Lt. Governor Candidate and current Lancaster County prosecutor, Mandy Powers Norrell also shares her personal journey in law and politics while highlighting ethical considerations in law practice.

The panel then analyzed evidence presented in the Michael Colucci murder trial and Andy Savage’s defense strategies in the Alex Murdaugh case, with a focus on inconsistencies in timelines and the importance of driving home key evidence.

Luna Shark Premium Members also get our complete conversation on the impact of live coverage of court proceedings and other challenges prosecutors face.

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