Investigative journalist Liz Farrell — and everyone’s favorite attorney Eric Bland — sit down with lawyer (and journalist!) Julie Grant, host of Court TV’s “Opening Statements,” to talk about everything from Alex Murdaugh’s lies to Bill Cosby’s very worst behavior outside the courthouse to the emotional impact of the Colucci trial postponement. The three also discuss vicarious trauma and how that can affect reporters, what law school is REALLY like, as well as Julie’s unusual path to her well-deserved career and what aspect of the justice system she’d change if she had a magic wand.

Julie is a journalist, a lawyer — and a trial court expert. Above all, she’s an advocate for victims. We really admire Julie’s work because of how she chooses to keep victims’ perspectives and their stories at the forefront of highly publicized national cases.

Julie is a big advocate of therapy for everyone — not just lawyers and journalists — and she was the perfect guest for us to have during Mental Health Awareness Month because that’s such an important message.

Plus, Premium Members get an additional segment when Julie introduces her new French bulldog puppy to Liz and Eric…So pup’s up to Julie!

Let’s get into it…

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