“The law firm dropped the ball here…”

Previously on the Murdaugh Murders Podcast, we told you about how Alex Murdaugh is accused of stealing more than ​​$6.2 million in alleged schemes related to his fake FORGE accounts at Bank of America dating back to 2016.

He’s accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients while he was a partner at the law firm started by his great grandfather – PMPED.

But so far, PMPED has escaped accountability.

While PMPED partners have been claiming to “make Alex’s victims whole,” it appears like something else was happening behind the scenes.

On this episode, we speak with South Carolina attorney and lawmaker Justin Bamberg — who has stepped in the arena as a voice for victims.

Bamberg says a lawsuit, and possibly a class action, is likely coming against PMPED. He asks any of Murdaugh’s former clients believing they were taken advantage of to call his law firm at 803-956-5088 or email him at [email protected].

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