Get a rare inside look into the Murdaugh family dynamic and Alex Murdaugh’s manipulations from behind bars.

In this episode, Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell share recordings of Alex Murdaugh’s jailhouse phone calls to his son Buster, brothers John Marvin and Randy, sister Lynn and sister-in-law Liz.

These gripping calls reveal a supportive family that seems to be held captive by an utter narcissist who is really good at getting people to do what he wants.

Listen in as John Marvin informs Alex about the fallout from Alex’s alleged crimes. Hear Buster’s take on getting recognized while gambling in Las Vegas and his warning to Alex, “I’m not saying you are, but I really hope you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be doing in there.”

And witness Alex’s desperate attempts to get his sister-in-law to put money on another inmate’s account.

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