19-year-old Bowen Turner is accused of raping three women between 2018-2019. One of those victims, Dallas Stoller, died in November of 2021.

In this special episode of the Murdaugh Murders Podcast, you’ll hear from Dallas’ sister and father, who were in the courtroom last week when Turner got a shocking sweetheart deal of just five years probation.

He won’t have to register as a sex offender. Solicitor David Miller of the Second Circuit Solicitor’s Office agreed to the deal. Judge Markley Dennis approved the sentence.

Like Paul Murdaugh, Bowen Turner had the privilege of being represented by a state senator. State Senator Brad Hutto negotiated this shocking deal for his client to go free – even after he violated his bond conditions more than 60 times.

In this episode, you will hear from Mandy & Liz tell you exactly what went wrong in this case and how this case exemplifies a much bigger problem in our judicial system.

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