We received new information from the attorneys and insurance companies who investigated Gloria Satterfield’s death. Not only do these new details raise more questions about what happened at Moselle the day of her alleged “trip and fall,” the new information highlights one of the major problems in this state: lawyers helping lawyers.

Also, on Friday the 13th, Charleston’s Post and Courier published an opinion piece by the current and past presidents of the South Carolina Bar Association on behalf of the state’s 13,000 actively practicing lawyers saying that “recent news stories and commentaries have presented an inaccurate picture of our attorneys, judges and lawyer-legislators.”

However, this week, we’ve found documents that show that this heist could have never taken place if every South Carolina lawyer and judge involved were doing their jobs.

The culture in South Carolina is ripe for corruption and the corruption happens because of attorneys who pretend the problem doesn’t exist and attorneys who are too afraid to stand up to those around them.

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