On this 23rd episode, True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell catch you up on the latest drama in the Alex Murdaugh cases — and whoa, what a week it has been.

In an act of utter shamelessness, Alex’s brother Randy, his former law partner Johnny Parker and law firm PMPED have officially jumped in line to take what they claim is their share of Alex’s $1.8 million in known assets … and, based on their requests, they think it all belongs to them.

Dick and Jim have officially asked the Court for a new trial in the murder case. And — in one of the lowest of low-down dirty moves — they’ve asked the state Supreme Court to remove America’s Judge — Judge Clifton Newman — from all cases involving Alex.

Plus, what’s up with Alex’s bestie Chris Wilson? We’ll dive into all of that!


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