Luna Shark Productions continues its mission of getting the story straight and giving voice to victims by presenting part two of “A Mystery Mountain: What Happened to April Jones?”

So much has happened in the Murdaugh case over the past week. It’s honestly mind-blowing the twists and turns this story continues to take. We’ll get into ALL of this very soon. However, in this special episode of True Sunlight Podcast, Eric Alan Daume reports from the Blue Ridge mountains of South Carolina and continues his investigation into April’s death, as well as the deaths of Kevin Craig and John Evans and the disappearance of Faith Roach. While in the middle of reporting on this compelling story — and as more and more doesn’t seem to add up — Eric finds himself caught off-guard by grim news, deepening the mystery of these Oconee County tragedies.

Eric Alan’s reporting is not only thorough and fearless, it’s compelling and will have you on the edge of your seat as he grapples with the unexpected and confronts the challenges we’ve all experienced in our reporting on true crime stories. In this latest episode, he has invited all of us behind the scenes on his journey to get at the truth about these mysterious deaths and disappearances in Oconee County.

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