Today we’ll ‘Feed Drop’ the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Podcast called Crime Story whose host, Kathleen Goldhar, interviewed Mandy back in November promoting the best selling book, Blood On Their Hands.

Fraud. Abduction. Murder. Every week, Crime Story host and investigative journalist Kathleen Goldhar goes deep into a true crime case with the storyteller who knows it best.” You can listen to more incredible tales of true crime every week on Crime Story with the storyteller who knows it best. Find more Crime Story episodes in your podcast app, or here:

If you’ve been with us for the longest time then you know much of this story… if you’re new we want this episode to be a check-in on all that we’ve covered and where we are going. Also, this is a great episode to share with people who don’t know the story and want to get caught up. We’ll have small intermissions with Mandy’s impressions at the breaks, but for now we hope you’ll enjoy Mandy’s conversation with Kathleen Golhar on this presentation of CBC’s Crime Story.

All that said… we hope you enjoy this Crime Story episode with another amazing and inspiring woman, Kathleen Goldhar.

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