On today’s True Sunlight Podcast, Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell continue their investigation into the photos and screenshots found on Stephen Smith’s phone, learning more about what the Hampton, S.C., teen’s life was like leading up to his mysterious death in July 2015.

Mandy and Liz revisit two interviews with South Carolina Highway Patrol that — with new context — shed more light on his very last night and on what evidence SLED might have to help them retrace Stephen’s steps.

Plus, listeners will finally get to hear Stephen’s own voice from a video Mandy and Liz found on his iPad…

Also on the show, Luna Shark is taking on a new case! This May, Michael Colucci will stand trial — again — for the 2015 murder of his wife, Sara Lynn Moore-Colucci. Michael — a wealthy, prominent and well-connected Charleston-area man — insists that his wife killed herself with a garden hose. His attorney Andy Savage (yes, that one) even suggests that she might have tripped and fallen into the hose and hanged herself. SLED Agent David Owen — remember him from Alex Murdaugh’s trial? — and the Attorney General say Michael strangled Sara to death in a fit of anger.

This case features a lot of familiar themes and players from the Murdaugh trial, including the twists and turns that seem to have come right off the pages of a novel…

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