On today’s True Sunlight Podcast, Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell begin their dive down the complex rabbit hole that is the Sara Lynn Moore-Colucci case.

Sara Lynn was killed on the evening of May 20, 2015, outside of Charleston, South Carolina, at a jewelry warehouse she owned with her husband, Michael Colucci. She died by asphyxiation mere feet from Michael, who said he was waiting in the car for her to use the restroom. Michael Colucci contends that Sara Lynn took her own life or … barring that … she tripped and fell into the loops of an industrial garden hose and accidentally hung herself.

When first-responders arrived at the scene, they found Sara Lynn’s body already cold to the touch and Michael with scratches on his body and a fat and bloody lip, which he says he got from giving Sara Lynn CPR. In 2018, Michael was tried for her murder but that case ended in a mistrial. Now, as the prosecution and defense gear up for a May 13, 2024, retrial, Mandy and Liz break down what went wrong six years ago and the story of Sara Lynn and Michael that the jury should have heard back then.

We’ll also hear from speakers at the Victims Matter Rally like David Pascoe, Carl Smalls Sr. and Sarah Ford plus a special message from Sandy Smith on her experiences at the rally…

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