Sandy Smith, David and Mandy headed to Wichita to speak at the Kansas Governor’s Office Crime Victims Rights Conference this week. Sandy and Mandy presented a case study in media and how powerful forces can shape a victim’s pursuit of justice. You’ll hear a short excerpt from today’s presentation and Premium Members will get the full video soon.

On today’s episode, True Sunlight Podcast, Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell continue their deep dive into the circumstances surrounding the death of Sara Lynn Colucci, ahead of her husband’s retrial for murder this May.

Through an extensive search into public records — including police reports and civil lawsuits that have never before been published — Mandy and Liz piece together the chaos of Michael Colucci’s life before and after he met and married Sara Lynn Moore.

Also on the show, an update on Bowen Turner and what happened during his latest arrest in March. LunaShark was ahead of the pack with its FOIA for all video related to Bowen’s DUI arrest.

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