Investigative journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell — known for their work in covering Alex Murdaugh’s murders and atrocious schemes — continue their look into the Michael Colucci case. In three weeks, Michael will be retried for the 2015 death of his wife Sara Lynn Colucci, who he says killed herself … or maybe tripped and fell into her noose?

In the days and weeks before Sara Lynn’s death by asphyxiation, she and Michael got into several fights over text about the state of their marriage. In this 48th episode of the True Sunlight Podcast, Mandy and Liz give a play by play of what those texts say and how they stand in stark contrast to the picture Michael’s defense attorney attempted to paint during his first trial. Also on the show, they talk with Kim Colucci Lizzi, Michael’s stepsister, who gives listeners a look into her family dynamic and what led her father, Ivo Colucci, to kill his wife — Michael’s mother — just two years after Michael’s own arrest for murder.

Warning: This episode may contain language not suitable for all audiences.

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