The Michael Colucci retrial is less than two weeks away in the Charleston area of South Carolina. Did Michael kill his wife, did she kill herself or did Sara Lynn Colucci die after tripping and falling into the loose loop of a garden hose? Investigative journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell — who helped bring justice in the Alex Murdaugh cases — continue their pre-trial digging in the hopes of bringing more sunlight to the Colucci case this time around.

This week they share what they found in newly discovered reports that show all the times police were called to houses where Michael has stayed. A social media post by one of Michael’s friends appears to be mocking pre-trial coverage of Michael’s case. Police reports continue to add confusion to the question of Michael’s bond status. Plus, a look at how investigators handled — or didn’t handle — accusations that Michael vandalized his parents’ beach house after getting evicted and the coincidence of when this case was dropped.

Also, Michael’s high-priced and big reputation attorney Andy Savage files a slew of pretrial motions, trying to prevent the jury from finding out that HE destroyed evidence in the first trial.

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