Investigative journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell — formerly of Murdaugh Murders Podcast — give an update on the latest drama involving Alex Murdaugh. His remaining son, Buster Murdaugh, filed a defamation lawsuit this week against major networks over documentaries they ran, which he said falsely insinuated he had something to do with Stephen Smith’s death. He is also suing a Hampton County reporter and his newspaper company for that same thing. Also, a federal judge issues an order in the Nautilus case, in which the insurance company who issued a multi-million dollar payout to Cory Fleming in Gloria Satterfield’s death is suing to get their money back. In his ruling, Judge Richard Gergel notes that the insurance company KNEW that something fishy was going on with the Satterfield case and yet STILL gave Cory that money. Why? The insurance company feared the payout would be worse if it went to a Hampton County jury.

Also on the show, Mandy and Liz continue to connect dots in the Mica Francis case as Mica’s estranged husband, John-Paul Miller, continues to make TikTok videos in the hopes of putting out his own narrative about what their marriage was like. Plus, the disturbing patterns in JP’s parents’ divorce in 2002 and what it tells us about JP’s upbringing.

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