Cup of Justice co-host Eric Bland welcomes his law partner Ronnie Richter to a Luna Shark Premium Happy Hour. They discuss everything from growing up in a working family, to how Ronnie became an attorney and later met EB to build a powerhouse firm. They also tackle pithy issues like Chief Justice Toal taking command of the Murdaugh cases and how legal malpractice became their bailiwick.

Happy Hour Timestamp

(:20) EB welcomes everyone to HH & introduces Ronnie

(2:27) Get to know Ronnie

(6:17) Eric asks Ronnie how their relationship works

(8:48) How Ronnie became a lawyer

(12:57) Ronnie growing up with sisters

(13:56) Budding friendship in 1994/1995

(16:54) How Eric and Ronnie’s business partnership formed

(23:12) Ronnie sticking up for EB

(24:49) Disagreement on how to tackle a case

(27:15) Cliffs Ronnie has pulled EB back from

(29:43) Why did Ronnie become a lawyer

(34:52) Evolution into legal malpractice lawyers

(40:44) Reporting lawyers to the SC Bar – two cups of justice, even for lawyers

(44:59) Bland Richter’s experience with Chief Justice Toal

(54:41) Thoughts on Chief Justice Toal and Alex Murdaugh’s case

(1:02:30) Ronnie’s opinion on Eric podcasting

(1:03:39) Perception in the SC Bar/Ronnie’s job to worry

(1:04:45) Rapid Fire/Wrap-Up

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