Second Circuit Solicitor David Miller is one step closer to becoming a judge in South Carolina after the Judicial Merit Selection Commission decided on November 8, 2023 that he is qualified to sit on the bench.

Two months after that determination and just one month before the general assembly votes to decide if Miller should be appointed to the bench, the JMSC released transcripts, videos and exhibits to the public

As a reminder, David Miller was able to get thrice-accused rapist Bowen Turner a sweetheart deal with no jail time after one of his alleged victims was unable to testify due to her death. Turner was represented by Sen. Hutto. 

As one of two states that allows lawmakers to choose its judges, we need the JMSC to understand why it is important to not only the South Carolina judicial system but also to the victims in South Carolina, that David Miller is not appointed to the bench.

We have asked before and we are asking again – we need your voice to help prevent David Miller from becoming a judge in South Carolina. 

South Carolina residents lawmakers are more likely to listen to residents in their district. Find your SC legislator here. 

The public has ONE week to call, leave voicemails and email South Carolina representatives and senators sharing why they believe Miller should not be appointed. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an SC resident or not, you can voice your concerns about David Miller before he is elected to the bench. 

Remember, our goal is to be pesky but civil and stick to the facts. 

Here is a sample email you can use:

Hello _________

I am writing in regards to David Miller becoming a judge.

I wish to express my concern with him advancing in the process to be elected as a judge due to how he handled representing Bowen Turner. Every victim deserves a shot at justice and that was robbed from Dallas, Chloe and any other victim of Bowen. We encourage you to do the right thing and examine what kind of reputation David Miller would bring to the SC judicial system.

If you feel you can’t do that, please explain to the public your reasoning for electing him to the bench. You owe us that.

You have the power to elect honest, hardworking and honorable judges. We need you to care and we need you to do something.


*You can also use this language if you wish to call and leave a voicemail.

Contact Members of the South Carolina Senate:

Senator Michael W. Gambrell – District 4


Send Senator Gambrell a message

Senator Karl B. Allen – District 7



Send Senator Allen a message

Senator Josh Kimbrell – District 11


Send Senator Kimbrell a message

Senator Wes Climer – District 15



Send Senator Climer a message

Senator Tameika Isaac Devine – District 19


Send Senator Devine a message

Senator Mia S. McLeod – District 22


Send Senator McLeod a message

Senator Katrina Frye Shealy – District 23


Send Senator Katrina Frye Shealy a message

Senator Tom Young Jr. – District 24



Send Senator Young a message

Senator Penry Gustafson – District 27


Send Senator Gustafson a message

Senator Ronnie A. Sabb – District 32



Send Senator Sabb a message 

Senator Brad Hutto – District 40



Send Senator Hutto a message

Senator Sandy Senn – District 41


Send Senator Senn a message

Senator Deon T. Tedder – District 42


Send Senator Tedder a message

Senator Margie Bright Matthews – District 45


Send Senator Matthews a message

Senator Tom Davis – District 46



Send Senator Davis a message

Contact South Carolina State Representatives:

Representative Annie E. McDaniel – District 41



Send Representative McDaniel a message

Representative Heath Sessions – District 46


Send Representative Sessions a message

Representative Seth Rose – District 72


Send Representative Rose a message

Representative Chris Hart – District 73


Send Representative Hart a message

Representative Todd Rutherford – District 74



Message Representative Rutherford

Representative Heather Bauer – District 75


Send Representative Bauer a message

Representative Kambrell H. Garvin – District 77



Send Representative Garvin a message

Representative Beth E. Bernstein – District 78



Send Representative Berstein a message

Representative Ivory Torrey Thigpen – District 79



Send Representative Thigpen a message

Representative William “Bill” Clyburn – District 82


Send Representative Clyburn a message

Representative Melissa Lackey Oremus – District 84


Send Representative Oremus a message

Representative John Gregory “Jay” Kilmartin – District 85


Send Representative Kilmartin a message

Representative Micah Caskey – District 89


Send Representative Caskey a message 

Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter – District 95



Send Representative Cobb-Hunter a message

Representative Robby Robbins – District 97


Send Representative Robbins a message

You can support the Stoller family, Chloe Bess, our team and all victims and citizens of South Carolina by participating in this call-to-action and by sharing this article.

Stay Tuned, Stay Pesky and Stay in the Sunlight. 

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Mandy Matney is an award-winning journalist from Kansas who has worked for newspapers in Missouri, Illinois, and South Carolina and now lives on Hilton Head Island where she pursues mission-based investigative journalism.

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