True Sunlight co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell take a deeper look at Judge Gergel’s sentence for convicted felon Russell Laffitte and zoom in on who the $3.55 million restitution will be paid to.
It was appalling to hear again how much pain Russell has caused the Plylers and Pinckneys and how their old wounds won’t close because of what Russell did.
We reflect on the powerful testimonies and why its such a loss to public interest that these victims voices will not be heard by the public.

Throughout the day, all signs from Judge Gergel indicated that his sentencing would be severe and send a message that this type of complex crime that requires years of bad decisions will not be tolerated. However, 7 years in federal prison just doesn’t feel fair when it comes to the “cruel” and “complex” crimes described in court….

The question is… why… and will this ever change if not now…?


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