In this very special episode of True Sunlight, we continue our mission of getting the story straight and giving voice to victims. Eric Alan Daume reports from the Blue Ridge mountains of South Carolina and digs into the deaths of April Jones and Kevin Craig, and the disappearance of Faith Roach. There are so many similarities between Eric Alan’s investigation into “A Mountain Mystery”, the Murdaugh saga and the Solomon case, all cases that need a whole lot of sunlight on them.
** And just a warning, todays episode has some course language and graphic descriptions.
Today, Liz Farrell gives a brief update on the new shenanigans in the Murdaugh saga, but we are not going to let their nonsense get in the way of highlighting Eric Alan Daume’s investigation into “A Mountain Mystery” and what happened to April Jones, Kevin Craig and others in this in-depth investigation.
If you’re a Luna Shark Premium Member, you’ve seen Eric Alan in the trial chats, and on camera. You might recognize some of his footage, which we use to make our own video versions of MMP and TSP episodes. He covered the Murdaugh trial and covers other cases as well on his YouTube channel – click here to learn more:
Eric is an incredibly talented documentarian and we are proud to partner with him by sharing his talents with all of you — our amazing audience.
If you listened to this week’s COJ you know that Mandy and David are in Europe so Eric Alan’s episode allows them to enjoy some time away and it gives me a little much-appreciated downtime as well.

Learn more about Eric Alan’s mission on his YouTube page here:

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