Happy Thursday!

On this 23rd episode, Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell  catch you up on the latest drama in the Alex Murdaugh cases — and whoa, what a week it has been.

In an act of utter shamelessness, Alex’s brother Randy, his former law partner Johnny Parker and law firm PMPED have officially jumped in line to take what they claim is their share of Alex’s $1.8 million in known assets … and, based on their requests, they think it all belongs to them.

Dick and Jim have officially asked the Court for a new trial in the murder case. And — in one of the lowest of low-down dirty moves — they’ve asked the state Supreme Court to remove America’s Judge — Judge Clifton Newman — from all cases involving Alex.

Plus, what’s up with Alex’s bestie Chris Wilson? We’ll dive into all of that!

It has been a roller coaster these last couple weeks and I’m excited to say that we are SO close to the publication date of Mandy’s first book,  Blood On Their Hands. So many of you have been so incredibly supportive and we want you to know how appreciative we are. 

A lot of you have asked how you can get signed copies of Blood on their hands and now we have answers. 
There is a very limited supply of signed copies available from Talk Shop Live this Monday at 7pm.  Which is like a virtual event where you can buy the book live as we’re talking about the book. Mandy will join fitness celebrity and one of the funniest people we know – Jenny Fisher as they talk about the book, cases and more.  This will be the ONLY opportunity to preorder a signed copies of the book so don’t miss out.

And here’s a tip just for Premium Members – you can order the book before Monday at 7pm!  Just click this link https://talkshop.live/watch/DN_X2D0UEt_t  and buy your copy – we will sell out so get your copy today. 

And some more good news for Premium Members?  If you’ve already bought a copy, your can share your proof of purchase at bloodontheirhandsbook.com (just scroll down) and we’ll mail you a signed book insert you can stick into your copy when you receive it!
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Lastly, we’re excited to announce a new events page Lunasharkmedia.com/events where you can learn about the upcoming in-person and virtual appearances from hosts!

Here’s a quick list with links!

Dec 7 @ 6pm – Lib Guides With Mandy @ Hilton Head Library
Jan 19 @ 4pm – In The Sunlight With Mandy @ Hilton Head Country Club

Phew… that’s a lot we know… so enjoy the show and stay in the sunlight!

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